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Since 1977, Buhrt Engineering has been known for its quality fabrications, including design and installation services serving a diverse industrial customer base

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Buhrt Engineering Provides Custom Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipe Welding Services and Fabrications Throughout the Midwest Including Chicago, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh

WARSAW-SOUTH BEND IN -- April 16, 2016 -- Buhrt Engineering of Warsaw, Indiana announced today that it provides custom welding services in Fort Wayne, Pittsburgh, Chicago and across the Midwest. Buhrt does MIG, TIG and stick welding of pipes, skid production and other custom projects.

"We do production welding on carbon and stainless steel pipe," said Dennis Buhrt, CEO of Buhrt of Engineering. "We have completed large-scale industrial cutting, welding, joints and assembly of production skids and smaller custom projects."

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