Equipment Installations

Service Overview

Buhrt Engineering possesses the skill and equipment to install new equipment and systems for various manufacturing companies. Our installation capabilities may start from developing a design for a given system to the fabrication, assembly, installation and commissioning. We also offer after installation support such as maintenance, and replacement parts. Buhrt Engineering keeps a detailed history of our projects, to support systems for years to come.

  • We undertake all types of installation work
    • From a dedicated piece of equipment to an entire turnkey system
  • We employ AWS (American Weld Society) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certified welders, and highly experienced personnel which will ensure the installation process delivers the strength, quality, and durability needed for today’s industry
  • We offer installation services for many industries such as material handling systems, storage racks, belt conveyors, platforms, walkways, enclosures, storage tanks, dust collection systems, specialty equipment, and bridge cranes
  • We have the capacity to provide design engineering assistance support for our customers
  • Certified welding services with other skilled personnel offer production efficiency upgrades to existing equipment and systems

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