Sheet Metal Fabrication

Service Overview

We provide an assorted range of high standard sheet metal fabrication services to customers from different parts of the world. Our proficiency in fabrication combined with world-class jig tooling and machining capabilities assists us in delivering high quality and value to our fabricated products. We partner with many service and engineering firms to fabricate, replace, reverse engineer, & maintain many of their parts and assemblies. Our laser and programmable precision press break support our customers needs with accuracy, professionalism and quality. We often direct ship our customer’s replacement parts worldwide.

  • Fabrications include machinery guards, enclosures, pollution control assemblies, high temperature and abrasion resistant applications as well as general sheet metal products.
  • We fabricate steel, stainless steel, aluminum as well as specialty alloy materials to tight tolerances in accordance with our customers specifications
  • We employ dedicated personnel and project managers to complete large projects quickly and efficiently
  • We provide large scale fabrications and parts used in the waste water treatment, steel mills, printing industry, refineries, heat treat, mining, and other heavy industry
  • Our fabrication services cover laser cutting, rolling, forming, machining, welding, and assembly.
    • We provide repair and maintenance services for previously fabricated parts
    • Field installation crews available
    • Secondary finishing services such as straightening, flattening, sandblasting, painting, coating, and deburring
  • Fabrication capabilities range from prototype development to large production runs

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